Opinion Review

State Society: We Are

Gauteng-based rock band, State Society’s latest single off their upcoming untitled album, “We Are”, was released last month. Its rugged, rocky, yet polished sound is slightly reminiscent of The Parlortones, with their self-proclaimed musical influences (including Foo Fighters, U2 and Coldplay) shining through strongly.

The silkiness of the opening bars, laced with echoing guitar work, is sped up quite conspicuously during the chorus producing a full, rolling sound before relapsing back into the slower progressions dominating the verses. The deftly handled balance between these two elements is certainly something to be admired.

This being said there are still certain areas within the track which could be calmer in order to fully appreciate the song. The energy of the song reaches fever pitch near the end and can be slightly overwhelming. Rock music begs a touch of originality to its mix and this track is rather stereotypical.

‘We Are’ tells a story of a good life, “living in the now” and simply how beneficial it can be to stop worrying about the future, words that have seemingly been adopted by most millennials.

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Listen to ‘We Are’ below.