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The Tazers: Dream Machine

Johannesburg-based psychedelic rock band The Tazers, is a 3-piece consisting of Jethro Lock on vocals and guitar, Timothy Edwards on drums and backing vocals, and Guido Assman on bass. The fact that they only consist of three people, making music in a genre which normally consists of four to five piece bands, already makes you look twice. This, coupled with their intriguing sprinkled additions of electro-psychedelic intrusions sets them slightly apart.

The six-track EP of banging rock anthems consists of growling vocals and bluesy baselines, all stitched firmly together with jangling guitar. The overall sound is rugged and rough, but produced well enough to give the EP a slick, polished feel, however there are moments when the vocals are all but drowned out by the cacophony of the instruments.

There is some very talented guitar work peppered throughout the songs, courtesy of Lock. Melodic progressions are interspersed between frantic bouts of heavy, head banging guitar and make for pleasant intervals. Assman’s baselines add body and extra, much-needed bounce to the songs. The merging of the electronic side of the musical spectrum to produce their signature sound is done with the sporadic incorporation of rolling psycadelic-synths, producing a sound almost reminiscent of the late eighties and early nineties.

Lyrically however this EP is lacking. For music so strongly exhibited, the lyrics fall far short of the target needed for such an established sound. The clichéd sentences are more often than not a whining tribute to an ex-girlfriend or potential suitor. The lines are predictable and mildly melodramatic at times and call for lyrics that are better-suited – more poetic or even emotionally evocative. But with their distinctive make-up, tone and skilled instrumental work, The Tazers’ future is bright.

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Listen to ‘Dream Machine’ below.