Opinion Review

Men Of Mountains: Gravity

Men of Mountains are an alternative-indie outfit, formed in 2014, with band members hailing from both Johannesburg and Pretoria. The band members, each having been involved in various musical projects in the past, including La Voyage, The Crooks and Them Bandits, are hardened musicians with years of live performance under their belts.

Their latest track ‘Gravity’ off their upcoming debut EP “Hollows”, is a jangling, electronically-driven piece. The chiming synthesized intro quickly gives way to a heavier, more rock-driven sound as the song progresses. The overall feel of the track is cheerful and bouncy, complimented by the tinkling overlays of the track.

Light, silky vocals only add to the more delicate side of the song. They are, however, often all but drowned out by the symphonic elements, making it difficult to fully appreciate the track as a whole. The track overall also tends to fall into slight monotony now and then.

Their upbeat sound is full, slick and extremely well produced however, and the electronically-dominated sound and instrumental elements are carefully balanced ensuring Men of Mountains continue to hold true to their genre.

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Listen to ‘Gravity’ below.