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Training Brah: How Rude

Training Brah, a two-piece duo hailing from Cape Town, have released an EP which delivers their garage/punk/any-other-noisy-genre-you-can-think-of sound in the form of a swift, sonic punch.

One half Joy Smith and one half Dolf Baker, the duo offers a slightly unique spin on the ‘70s garage aesthetic that so many bands in the country have adopted. The first track of their EP, ‘Kimmy’, begins in a haze of guitar distortion paired with drums that conjure up the stereotypical image of an angry, sweaty human hitting their drum set as hard as they can. The line ‘Hey Kimmy, get in the car’ is screamed in a Karen O-esque manner which contrasts the rest of the sparse vocals on the track which are relatively composed.

Their second track provides a slightly melodic offering, the distorted guitar tracks still provide a nebulous backdrop but this time the vocals have a trippy edge that adds another dimension to the track. This track is my favourite of the two because, although it reaches a crescendo of off-key guitars and rolling drums, it seamlessly reaches equilibrium again.

This EP is difficult to forget. It took a couple listens to acclimatise to, and I definitely cannot imagine it making it onto next week’s 5FM Top 40, but that’s exactly why I like it.

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Listen to “How Rude” below on Soundcloud.