Opinion Review

Zengeance: Black Pistol

The first release of high schoolers Zengeance, follows the journey of a black-bearded bounty hunter in the old West as he hunts down the aforementioned teenage band members, who have somehow managed to incur the death penalty in their short lives. It features the standard Spaghetti Western props, fake blood and performance footage of the band. Spoiler alert: It does not end well for them.

Zengeance clearly show a preference for the old school, both in terms of the video content and their preferred style of rock. It’s encouraging to see that rock bands are still forming in South Africa seeing as how many of the acts we have grown to love locally started in the same manner. Bands like Taxi Violence and Fokofpolisiekar who are now at the top of the heap began like the rest of us – with short hair and big dreams between classes.

The quality of recording falls short of studio standards, but seeing as how this is their first offering and they’re in high school, only a real stickler would hold that against them. The voice of the lead singer in particular shows great potential, but it’s difficult to tell from one song how great they could truly become. Only time and practise will tell.

The members of Zengeance seem passionate about music. Just like the rest of us there’s no telling how great they could become if they practise, persist and harness that energy.

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