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Dookoom: The Worst Thing Ft. David Banner

This is not for the fainthearted. But then again, nothing that Dookoom do ever is. Their latest single ‘The Worst Thing’, which features Mississippi rapper David Banner, will do a lot more than just raise a couple of eyebrows, but as with their previous release ‘Larney Jou Poes’, which made massive waves and caused a huge upset in our socio-political landscape, this song raises important issues that other musicians (and the greater public) are too afraid to mention.

The powerful beat serves as the base to brilliant rhymes from excellent rappers, and even though the radio edit has taken out the (many) expletives, it’s still pretty intense. The lyrical content of this dark hip-hop song, addressing white supremacy, holds no punches. “The worst thing to happen to the African is the white man/ the worst thing to happen to South Africa is the white man” is a chorus you won’t easily forget, and with extremely explicit lines about rape and murder at the hand of “white people” it’s uncomfortable to listen to.

But the call is clear, as Banner raps, “I think all oppressed people/ all around the world/ should come together/ against our biggest threat”. As history shows, music has unparalleled power to change and influence people and nations, and though most musicians are all for spreading good times and vibes, Dookoom is clearly in this to bring about the necessary change needed in a country still plagued by racism and hatred.

Controversy aside, I’m very interested to see how this does commercially. That beat is just too good for it to be lost in news headlines.

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