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Moses Metro Man: Vuur Teen Vuur

Last week saw the release of Moses Metro Man’s latest single ‘Vuur teen Vuur’, an anthemic rock-song with eerie undertones and a powerful chorus that is both easy to identify with incredibly moving.

Proving that sometimes simplicity really is the best way forward, it starts off with a beautiful acoustic guitar riff which is played throughout the song. The eeriness comes in the form of a lamenting vocal performance by front-man Jako Meyer together with a coral ensemble in the bridge, that paints a wintery scene of desperation and angst.

A brief pause just before the chorus creates an incredibly effective moment of tension before launching into the chorus where Moses Metro Man show off their prowess as a rock outfit. Heavy electric guitars and powerful drum beats that call the hearer to action form the base, as Meyer desperately screams “Ons almal moet hier uit!” (We all need to get out of here). Lyrically the song is about breaking free from apathy, stagnation and comfort zones.

Something must be said of the production and mastering of this song. Recorded by Blakk Productions, the quality of the sound is of a very high standard, and with small features like an awesome electronic alteration on the acoustic guitar riff, the song is a work of art with attention to detail in every part. It’s not over-mastered or over-produced either, and every addition is effective, well thought-through, and clearly done with wisdom and experience that this group undoubtedly possesses. Overall, it’s an excellent piece of work.

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Listen to ‘Vuur Teen Vuur’ below on Soundcloud.