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Room Of Phonics: The Love Lust Sessions

Mother City four-piece Room of Phonics’ latest two track release dropped recently, just a few short months after releasing their debut EP “Ghost Nights”. “The Love and Lust Sessions” gives fans a look into two distinct sounds Room of Phonics have mastered over the years and though both tracks have merit, they represent two very different sounds, and almost feel like two different bands.

The first track ‘Prowl’ is an indie tune with a strong adolescent-reckless-abandon undertone and is the perfect soundtrack to a night out. It tells the story of someone out on the “prowl” for a lover, and the underlying indie-reggae grooves create the perfect base for lyrics like “uh-uh-uh, oh-oh-oh/ she’s so fine/ heating up this cold… I will be loving you up all night”.

Track two takes on a completely different feel with an alt-rock sound reminiscent of early P.O.D. The verses are spoken more than sung, something that works really well and further calls to mind a P.O.D. Or even some System of a Down songs. They have also managed to incorporate more sounds in this song, like an 80s rock ‘n’ roll distorted guitar intro which is almost corny the first time you hear it, but somehow works for the track. As with ‘Prowl’ there are faint reggae hints throughout the song and somehow it all works together really well.

The two tracks are so different and distinct though that it’s almost like they could spawn completely independent albums with two iterations of the same musicians. That said, it’s awesome to know that there are still up-and-coming bands who can be so diverse and innovative, rather than falling into the indie-pop-rock slot and creating an overcrowded and diluted scene.

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Listen to ‘The Love and Lust Sessons’ below on Soundcloud.