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Trevor Rebello: For Me

With a successful EP behind him and an album in the works, Johannesburg-hailing singer-songwriter Trevor Rebello recently released the first single off the upcoming project, ‘For Me’. While still holding true to his characteristically country-folk-rock sound, a soulful edge injected into this new song gives the track an almost gospel-like flavour, while bouncy acoustic riffs keep it upbeat.

The overall sound is a light, tinkling acoustic melody, deftly sprinkled with rattling shakers and various percussive interspersions. Lovely harmonies and delicate “ooh’s” introduce themselves halfway through the track, contributing quaint diversity to the already skilled vocal elements. Strangely gospel-esque choral moments catch the ear by surprise, as curious choice of genre blending stretches the vocal elements even further, while the excellently produced sound is full, fast-paced and simply brimming with fun.

There is a slight element of generic predictability to the song – overused melodic tendencies steering ‘For Me’ toward the sort of radio-bred course that actually doesn’t actually do it justice. But while the extended periods of an all-too-similar sound and repeated riffs may cause the track to slip into slight monotony, the endlessly fun, energetic vein running through the entirety of the track keeps it genially afloat.

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