Peach Van Pletzen Releases ‘Beurtkrag’ ft. Bouwer Bosch

Peach Van Pletzen, Bouwer Bosch and Matthieu Auriacombe (kidofdoom, Hello Beautiful) have collaborated on a song that they wrote for the award-winning short film called “Beurtkrag” (Loadshedding). The song, which bares the same name as the film, is an uptempo synth pop gem, guaranteed to make feet tap and heads bob but aside from that, it’s Peach’s first Afrikaans song that he’s written as a solo artist.

It’s also the first time that Peach and Bouwer have worked together on anything, an interesting partnership to say the least – this track has a Die Heuwels Fantasties circa ‘Pille Vir Kerfees’ aesthetic about it that makes it enjoyable without being cheese-worthy.

“If you don’t have your dance shoes on then I recommend you don’t listen to it, the chorus can get dangerous.” The gospel, straight from Bouwer himself. Watch the video below.