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Ross Jack: Gold Plated

Beef & hip hop go together like bacon & eggs or mac & cheese and if you’ve been paying even the slightest bit of attention lately, you’ll know that there’s an excess of beef happening in and amongst South African rappers at the moment. This track is the perfect summary of all that. Ross Jack sits on the peripheral looking in, clearly with no desire to be a part of that bullshit.

Having grown in gigantic strides since that Americanised ‘TV’s In The Swimming Pool’ nonsense, it sounds like Jack is in a good place musically. His message here is clear – remember you’re just gold plated, bitch. “Wannabes that pretend just to Trend for it/ Gold plated shield/ Got my hammer out/ Thor it” – you’re not untouchable or untarnishable, so you check yourself before you wreck yourself, basically.

The chorus, as lyrically cheesy as it is about killing your pride and stars falling from the sky, is a pop killer and underpinned by a bass-heavy, chinking melody. Poised to release “Self-Medicated” at the end of October, that includes work with London-based producer Pete Martin (Jessie J, Rizzle Kicks, Sugababes), Jack’s in his own lane, cruising at a comfortable speed.

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