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The Kiffness Take On Telkom’s Talking Babies

While most of Cape Town was relaxing post-Daisies, The Kiffness were taking to Facebook to rally against the biggest crime of advertising since its inception – Telkom’s talking babies.

No, don’t stop reading because we mentioned those terrifying babies! It’s going to be okay, thanks to our saviour David Scott. “If this picture gets enough likes I will make sure Telkom never make talking baby adverts ever again” Scott’s sign reads and after getting 500 likes in 20 minutes, it’s time to wake up and smell the baby powder Telkom. Your public ain’t having any of it.

“I was trying to stream the rugby through iTV and despite having a 4MB line, Telkom’s crappy service meant that the game buffered every 5 seconds so I was forced to reactivate my DSTV account,” social media guru Scott told us exclusively.

“Although I didn’t really miss having DSTV, I was quite pleased by the fact that I could watch Carte Blanche again on Sunday nights opposed to the usual ‘Netflix & Chill’, but was horrified when I saw that Telkom are still playing their terrorist adverts from 2years ago. Having not been exposed to DSTV for a while, I was just starting to get over the post-traumatic stress caused by the advert, but the fear & terror came flooding back this quiet Sunday evening. I decided enough is enough. I had to do something to put an end to this.”

Scott and his lawyer have currently amassed over 10 000 likes and 450 shares but their battle is far from over. If you, like us, want to put an end to this fiasco then click here and share the love.