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Toya Delazy & David Kramer: De Javu

5fm’s revamped Mashlab has created some massive tunes and the entire concept is one I support wholeheartedly. With Sony Xperia jumping on board this year the project has gone from strength to strength and so far the collaborators have been really good, but they haven’t really evoked a sense of immense excitement or anticipation in me.

Al Bairre and PHfat was inevitable and a bit too safe while Jeremy Loops’ work with Motheo Moleko, pairing him with another SA rapper Casper Nyovest didn’t raise any eyebrows either. Enter Toya Delazy and David Kramer, two polar opposites on the spectrum of South African music diversity and possible the unlikeliest pairing you’ll find on this season’s run.

The song they produced is again, something completely unexpected, but that’s the beauty of it all – producing something completely new from scratch and not being confined by what their individual careers have brought forth. ‘Deja Vu’ is an electric pop-rock track which starts off with DeLazy showcasing her sultry voice in a style reminiscent of Amy Winehouse. The bass line brings a Muse-like feel to the track and with a slow-tempo rock beat to boot, which gives it an overall seductive feel.

Verse two is undeniably Kramer, and he slots into the pop rock mould with incredible ease, and though I wouldn’t put his voice to the genre naturally, it works really well. The chorus has a strong hook and the catchy lyrics “I always knew/ It would be me and you/ Just like deja vu” and has commercial viability written all over it.

Both artists’ signature sounds appear in the bridge, with Delazy’s unique lyrical contributions and Kramer’s guitar “tokkel” briefly reminding you who we’re really dealing with here.

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Listen to ‘De Javu’ below on Deezer.