Press Release

Ratepop: Your One-Stop, Mobile, Social Network, Rating Platform

In a lot of ways, everything we do at TATC has an element of rating attached to it. When we review a musician’s new album, we’re rating it. When we share a newsworthy piece, we’re rating it. When we write a festival review, we’re definitely rating the festival.

Brand new App on the block, RatePop, allows for user to rate pretty much anything – any conceivable subject, product, service, idea or experience and simultaneously aggregates this data, to provide sophisticated statistical analytics in real time.

Based on its existing trajectory, the number of social network users worldwide is set to rise from the current 1.9 billion to a staggering 2.5 billion by 2018. This burgeoning user uptake allows for unprecedented levels of sentiment to be expressed through the “like”, “share”, and recently implemented “dislike”, buttons on social media. Ratepop now brings exacting precision to this ability, by placing detailed rating power directly into public hands. It gives social network users the clout of the capability to attach a rating value to their opinions or sentiments – which can be meaningfully measured, analysed and disseminated, as it happens.

As a “one-stop” rating platform, Ratepop allows users and enterprise to rate anything and everything, or request that something specific be rated – from concepts, to content, campaigns, teams, players, games, thoughts, ideas or performance levels – using the universal rating index of 1 to 10.

So let’s say a musician drops a new album but you’re not too sure if you’re going to enjoy it, RatePop will help you make up your mind with its aggregated data. Or you really want to visit that new club but you’re not quite sure about the vibe? RatePop will help you make an informed decision. It’s userface is slick and the sign up process is simple, allowing you to get straight down to following friends and rating that new Cassper Nyovest album.

But as always, you need to experience something for yourself in order to make your mind up.

Download RatePop in iStore or Android and Remember to give @TexxAndTheCity a follow to see how we rated specific things.