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Stone Jets: Hurricane

With a fresh, albeit simplistic sound, Stone Jets slipped quietly into our music scene in 2013. Two years down the line and they are slowly gaining momentum with their latest single being one of their best pieces to-date.

A three piece, Cape Town-based indie-rock outfit, which make up for what they lack in numbers with their full, rollicking sound, Stone Jets are the result of an unlikely companionship between three talented musicians from very different walks of life. Their name stems from the idea that music can make you feel like a flying jet, even when the world is weighing you down like a stone – a curious, and yet wonderfully accurate perception of music in our day and age.

Their sound is simple and yet entirely effective. Employing the use of your basic go-to indie-rock instrumental recipes, Stone Jets have thrown something wholly original into their sound which sets them apart, despite their having waded bravely into an overpopulated genre. This unique twist has seen them sharing the stage with several of our local favourites, including The Liminals, The Plastics and December Streets.

Their latest endeavour comes in the form of a lively, foot-tapping single to welcome the summer season. ‘Hurricane’, although initially crafted as a ballad, is brimming with upbeat constituents crafted simply from expertly layered guitar work, drum beats and intermittent baselines. Tracked and recorded in a mere two days at Sunset Studios, the track boasts an endlessly fun-filled, breezy electronic guitar foundation, overlain by smoothly rolling vocal melodies, which occasionally give way to an Americanised, twanging style.

Centred on the idea that people can in fact take the shape of natural disasters in your life, and a hurricane of a person will leave you wondering why, the lyrics are perceptive and thoughtful, “What are we?/a shadow in the burning light/melting away.” The combined forces of their lively instrumental components and sighing vocal melodies result in a gorgeously crafted song which has almost all the elements of an indie-rock hit. Well produced and perfectly orchestrated, ‘Hurricane’ is a must on your summer playlist.

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Listen to ‘Hurricane’ below.