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Made For Broadway: Life Lessons

Made For Broadway’s sound is first and foremost that of a classic Americana pop-punk band with a dash of classic rock riffs thrown in for good measure.

The opening track of their self-produced debut album, ‘Royalty’ dives straight in at the deep end with fast-paced guitar work and a wild drum foundation, as the song intermittently gains and looses momentum.

The crisp, clear production only allows for further praise given the fact that the project was entirely self-produced by the band. As the title suggests the entire album primarily revolves around life’s experiences, both the good and the bad, and what they teach us. ‘True Love’s’ melody sporadically strips down and builds back up again as the band outline the difficulties of adult life with the opening line of, “High school was so much easier than this”. A stark American accent is adopted in the majority of the tracks, drawing the focus from their heritage to a somewhat fabricated one, however with an ambitious aim to gain international appreciation this is certainly a way to go about it.

‘Together’ explores the idea that everything goes your way in a parallel universe, while ‘Solid Ground’ is likely the most rollickingly wild track on the entire album – an upbeat fusion rock-pop fusion, delicately countered by fantastic vocal harmonies. ‘Bottles’ launches into a structurally cacophonic intro, while ‘Dawning’ plays with heavier notes, drawing the track back to its roots. There are times, however, when the album slips into monotony, and the lines get blurred between the end of one track and the beginning of another.

The closing track really appears to epitomise the entire album as a whole. Beginning on a misleadingly gentle note the song swiftly launches back into the endlessly energetic vein which threads powerfully through the whole project, repeatedly urging, “Get your ass up and dance”.

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Listen to “Life Lessons” below.