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Mobbing Bali: Coffee

Mobbing Bali has been around for a while, believe it or not. The Cape Town-hailing alternative indie outfit, while perhaps not having performed at many local festivals – the place most bands seem to catch their initial wave of success – were finalists in Jaegermeister’s Back the Artist competition last year and were awarded the chance to work with acclaimed rock artist, Fancois Van Coke, and with the release of their latest single ‘Coffee’ three weeks ago, it’s about time they get some well-deserved recognition.

A somewhat refreshingly new take on indie rock, the song deftly blends a variety of electronic constituents in among familiar percussion and guitar riffs. With some of South Africa’s biggest music names at the moment being of the indie rock persuasion, there is little room for new bands to manoeuvre, however Mobbing Bali are well on their way to making a significant impact.

Opening with an escalating ripple of psychedelic synths and delicate guitar stylings the primary path of the track swiftly bears towards Warren Vernon-Driscoll’s warm, lilting vocals. A classic take on rock, with just a hint of an alternative tang, ‘Coffee’, despite its well-layered quality, is never overwhelming in terms of symphonic production. Allowing the vocals to take the forefront when they are present, the track strikes a remarkable balance between those and the noteworthy backing techniques.

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Listen to ‘Coffee’ below.