Black Moscow Release ‘Dire Face’ Video

Alternative and grunge music flourished during the early to mid ‘90s, with bands like Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Tool making a name for themselves during this time. Cape Town-based alternative band, Black Moscow, echo the sounds of these bands in their music. The band has recently released a performance video for their track ‘Dire Face,’ in which they invite viewers into their practice space, giving the video a more intimate feel.

The band’s technically sound instrumentals and lead singer Clem van der Merwe’s deep vocals lend an ominous atmosphere to the track. The visual elements in the video add to this as it is shot in black and white, with shades of red seeping through at times, and a menacing eye-image appearing in the video’s background from time to time.

‘Dire Face’ is an emotional song, and its video’s dramatic colours (or lack thereof) give it a dark feel overall. The video becomes more than just a performance recording after several other, sometimes obscure and unsettling images trickle into the video’s background, and its black and white colours are sometimes even inverted to destabilize the viewer even more.

Genre-wise, this song, and the band itself, is difficult to classify. They manage to combine rock, metal and alternative elements in a way that is pleasing to the ear, without submitting their sound to one genre or the other. Whether this is a factor that aids the band in widening their fanbase remains to be seen.

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Watch ‘Dire Face’ below.