Opinion Review

Goodluck: Thinking About You

Covers can be tricky, particularly in the electro-pop field, where songs can tend to inadvertently blend with little coaxing. Swimming in distortions and now-typical electro beats, Londonbeat’s ‘I’ve Been Thinking About You’ is a familiar tune for most if you were ever exposed to ’90’s pop. Goodluck has stripped down the track to the very core before rebuilding it with modernised, jazz-infused electro-pop bricks – resulting in a strikingly original piece with just a hint of Londonbeat seeping through the framework.

In spite of the markedly lower tempo beat which carries this track on its shoulders, ‘Thinking About You’ finds itself in a comfortable equilibrium in being perfectly engineered for both the radio and a dance party. A heady baseline forms a central point around which a number of intermittent percussive effects, floaty synths and edgy electronic moments weave an alternating web. The sound peaks and drops dramatically into a stripped down break, courtesy of Ben Peters’ mixing mastery. While Juliet Harding’s matured pop star quality shines through even in the recording, as her silky vocals wrap around familiar lyrics, shaping them into gently presented, finely crafted rendition of the melancholia-steeped song.

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Listen to ‘Thinking about You’ below on Deezer.