Justin Serrao Releases ‘Raining In My Soul’ Video

The premise of Justin Serrao’s latest video for the track ‘Raining in my Soul’ is simple – Serrao performs his poignant track while images of lost loved ones sent in by fans roll across the screen. The track is backed by an equally simple guitar accompaniment. Yet it is this simplicity that makes the track so emotional and effective.

Inspired by the loss of his own aunt, ‘Raining in my Soul’ is stirring and it clearly carries much personal weight for the singer.  “It’s [a]  really  close  song  to  me  and  I  was  hesitant  to  release  it.  Further  I  had this  idea  of  getting  the  fans  involved  and  sharing  the  creative  process  with them  by  asking  them  to  send  pictures  of  their  loved  ones  that  they  have lost  and  they  would  be  featured  in  the  video.  I  was  scared  to  ask  at first,  however  the  response  has  been  amazing!” says Serrao.

Lyrically, the track explores what happens after death, and how those who remain behind are affected by the passing of a loved one, making the track’s theme a universal one. According to Serrao, the lyrics are very direct and explain in a straightforward manner how he feels about this event in his life. Watch the video below.

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