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Lisa Goldin: An Advocate Of Positive Energy

Pop singer Lisa Goldin’s debut single ‘Really Doesn’t Matter’ and, more recently, ‘My Fire’ have been getting some serious rotation on local radio, enough for her to already have a dedicated fan base that follow her every move. I caught up with Goldin to discover more about this songstress, her connection to Armin Van Buuren and her residency in Ibiza at Teatro Pereyra where she opened for legendary soul singer Barbara Tucker.

Michal-Mare Linden: You’ve recently released your single “My Fire”. How did the idea for the song come about?

Lisa Goldin: Being a singer-songwriter requires hard work and talent, but mostly hard work! ‘My Fire’ is about the highs the lows of being in our tough music industry. It’s about saying this is my voice, my artistry – this is all of me standing tall. At some point every artist does this! It’s such a powerful lyric to hear audiences singing it back to me – their empowerment lights me up every time.

ML: You co-produced the single with Sarah deCourcy, best known for her work with Armin Van Buuren. What was it like working with Sarah?

LG: Sarah and her team are phenomenal. We worked together over long distance. Sometimes that can take longer but Sarah’s on the ball and pushes hard working with various artists all over the world. When the single was released Sarah and her team promoted the song alongside my label, David Gresham Records. It is awesome to see everyone working toward the same goal. I’m really honoured to have such a great team behind me.

ML: Was there anything interesting about the recording process for the song, seeing as you had a hand in producing it?

LG: Definitely! I changed the key of the song making it higher. It took about four hours laying the vocals and harmonies down – nothing was manufactured! I’m proud to say that in this day and age! Initially the song was more electro-pop, but we added an African touch with the tropical marimba sound. The finishing touch was stripping the intro down so the vocal powered the song from the start. It is so important creating layers for the audience’s ears to work through when listening to the song.

ML: ‘My Fire’ promotes positive energy. Why do you feel it’s important to promote positivity?

LG: We need pick-me-up positive energy, especially in the South African climate! I really believe this song creates unity through its message. “Memories break. It’s enough you take all of the truth. This is what you see, what you see. It’s all of me now. This is my FIRE!” We need this fire to ignite our lives and make a difference in all we do.

ML: You released your new single in February. What has the reception to the single been like?

LG: Overwhelmingly mind-blowing! Hot, hot, hot! I am so happy people love this piece of work. I always am so nervous about putting new stuff out and am humbled by the positive reviews from radio, press and my GoldinFans.

ML: What has been the most exciting thing about releasing ‘My Fire’?

LG: The response from radio, definitely. I am very happy they love it! Having DJs tweet you to show some love is wonderful.

ML: You have performed alongside and worked with some great artists as well as had a residency in Ibiza, which is amazing! How have your past experiences impacted your own work?

LG: Gaining international experience has made me a greater performer and songwriter. Working daily in Ibiza with Barbara Tucker, I learnt and grew so much in that time. I find established artists know their voice and who they are, and demand nothing less than the best. When you pay your dues and work non-stop towards being number 1, it eventually happens. I’m honoured to have been surrounded by such greats. They all have an influence on my songwriting, stage presence and attitude.

ML: What’s next on the cards for you?

LG: Last year we spent a lot of time in studio creating my signature sound. I’m hoping to release an EP or album soon. How exciting would that be! Stay tuned for more, more, more.

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Listen to ‘Really Doesn’t Matter’ and ‘My Fire’ below on Deezer.