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In Review: Rock Paper Scissors

There are few things better than ending off a horrendously long and arduous week with an ice cold beer, and a shot or two of your favorite poison. One of these few things, however, is attending a messy, loud, sweat-drenched live show. Tonight’s  menu: The Deadly Bites, Boxer, The Ts & Cs , The Tazers, and lastly The Moths. Tonight’s location – The Bohemian in Melville.

Upon arrival I made a beeline for the bar, and then – armed with said beer and trusty pack of Marlboro red – headed for the crowd. The first band up is the new kids on the block, and they’re already in full swing.

The Deadly Bites, fronted by Dean Hibbert, could be audaciously compared to an early version of Nirvana, without him actually trying to sound like Cobain. Despite experiencing some technical difficulties, the band pulled off a no-holds-barred show, and immediately made an impression. With covers of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Fidlar’s ‘Cocaine’, it’s clear the band knows what sort of direction they are heading in genre-wise.


Boxer didn’t disappoint with their catchy, dance-inducing beats and contagious energy and with clearly audible fans singing along to every song, it’s evident that they have a great following and a firmly established, familiar sound. The Ts & Cs started off slightly lacking performance-wise, however managed to pick it up with newer songs towards the end of their set and finished on a high note.

The Tazers ramped up the stage as well as the crowd and played a hard, well-developed set. Their lyrics are clever and well thought-out, and their sound has a classic British rock ‘n’ roll feel to it, without losing its South African roots. If you haven’t seen The Tazers rock a set yet, then you’re missing out.


I had heard many a positive thing about the night’s last band – The Moths. It’s good to know I can trust my friends’ music taste because, hot damn, these guys delivered and then some. Messy, dirty, surfer-psych-rock, with irresistible riffs and rolling percussion that dare your body not to move. It’s the one-night stand you want to keep having, over and over and over. As a purely instrumental group, there’s always a challenge to keep your audience entertained without a lyrical shield or a designated front man. Needless to say, Chris, Chris and Cale have found their groove in an effortless sound.

Overall, the night was massively fun thanks to a great line-up, good sound, bad lighting and cheap drinks.

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