Opinion Review

Sutherland: Remember

Upon first listen, the opening lyric of indie-folk trio Sutherland’s latest single ‘Remember’ immediately eradicated any possible piece of stimuli surrounding me, “Did you think that time would change you so drastically?” It captivated my senses, along with the lyric’s associate motif: an amiable, acoustic folk-esque companion.

A variety of synths, ranging from light piano to an exceptionally powerful organ, contribute well to the single’s merry atmosphere. Lyrically, it reminded me of a popular quote from BBC series Downton Abbey, “Life’s altered you as it’s altered me, and what would be the point of life if we didn’t let it change us?” Throughout the piece and with little haste, Michael (Misty) Dadd’s vocals focus on the benefits and costs of personal growth and unprecedented change.

Speaking of change, ‘Remember’ is Sutherland’s inaugural piece with newfound member Ren Harmse (keyboard, vocals). After founding member Mika Kennaugh’s departure, Sutherland found themselves with a tenacious motive to not throw in the towel. Along with a devoted and resolute fan base that they weren’t planning on abandoning, the band’s sound remolded into something more atmospheric and buoyant. With a beguiling instrumental nature reminiscent of a more buoyant Patrick Watson, lyrical content advisory yet reflective in character, and an unbalanced, progressive yet increasingly popular form, the single gently invokes euphoric feelings of both empathy and gratitude.

Throughout 2016, a series of associated artwork and singles are planned to follow, ‘Remember’ is merely the beginning.

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