Feature Interview

Introducing Acoustic Element

Acoustic Element are cousins Callen Petersen and Jody Abel, the former who plays the violin and the latter who wields a guitar and beatboxes. Both graduates from the University of Cape Town, the duo has a self-proclaimed “diverse repertoire” and are versatile in that they are able to adapt their genre to suit any desired style and taste. From pop and rock to jazz and smooth ballads, Acoustic Element’s new single ‘For The Day’ casts their net wide into the audience sea.

Skye Mallac: Acoustic Element is a very versatile duo, who seems to have the ability to meld your music to whatever best suits interest at the time. Is there a genre you gravitate towards particularly?
Acoustic Element: Indeed. That’s the beauty of being classically trained. Genres have come and gone and music is just growing in the most interesting way – we’re always keen to adapt these new styles into our performance. We generally enjoy Tropical House the most (Thomas Jack, Kygo, etc.) however, there are days we love some deep, alternative and even tech house – it just depends show we feel.
SM: You’re just dropped a collaborative track, ‘For the Day’, with X Factor SA Winners Four, which I have to say is pretty groovy. How did this collaboration come about?
AE: Strangely enough, Jody (Acoustic Element) and David (Four) were classmates throughout high school. They had worked on many school productions in their younger years, we’d say it was just a matter of time for this collaboration.
SM: I understand that you do a lot of backing for other musicians and DJ’s as well as performing acoustically on your own. Can you tell us a little about how you guys, as Acoustic Element, plan on pushing your project further?
AE: It’s something that we’ve been experimenting with since we started out in malls and markets back in 2011. At the moment we’re receiving such great feedback from the acoustic duo with accompanying beatboxing (which people never seem to pinpoint at first) at our corporate gigs and hotel residency that we’re quite satisfied at the moment. However, we have added a new exciting element to our live stage performances and that is introducing our DJ/Producer Cosher – who adds something really special to the performance.

SM: It can sometimes be tricky working within the industry as family. As cousins, what is it about your relationship with one another that makes your collaborative click?

AE: Being family, we know exactly where we come from and that helps a lot. Besides the fact that we’ve known each other our entire lives, we’ve been really close for six years now and we literally sometimes finish each other’s thoughts. This kind of understanding makes dealing with the industry very manageable. We’re always honest and upfront with each other. Besides, blood is thicker than water.
SM: What are Acoustic Element’s future plans? Can we expect an EP or album on the horizon soon?
AE: Album coming Mid 2016!!!

Listen to ‘For The Day (featuring Four) below on Deezer.