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All We’ve Known: Human Nature

Port Elizabeth is probably not the first place that comes to mind when thinking of top-class metal, but All We’ve Known is a band that is working hard to change that with their technically sound and polished EP, “Human Nature”.

The EP opens with its title track – a musical journey that opens with vicious, head bang-worthy growling fit for SA’s big festival stages.

‘Downright Disgrace’ does not drop the EP’s pace, continuing the melodic metal power trip that was initiated by the opening track. The track also offers a rapid, intense guitar solo, perfect for playing at high volumes.

‘As If It Never Mattered’ introduces an electronic and even slightly dubstep-influenced element to the EP, and continues its speedy musical strides. This track offers some variation to the bands repertoire, helping to keep listeners interested. Its forceful drum backdrop and emotive lyrical content make for a powerful pair, turning this song into one of the EP’s highlights.

Another electro-driven track is ‘Pathways’, which is slightly slower than the rest of the EP – although the pace does pick up considerably towards the middle of the song. The track also comprises of a largely instrumental intro, which gives the entire band an opportunity to truly show off their musical prowess. The vocals consist of growling interspersed with more melodic singing, giving the track balance. This balance is mirrored in its instrumentals, which shift from rapid and aggressive guitar-and-drum combos, to slower electro and piano interludes.

‘Life’s Too Short’ has a disconcerting, ADHD intro that is a treat to listen to through earphones, as the sound shifts speedily from your right ear to your left, ripping you solidly out of your musical comfort zone.

The EP closes with ‘Reasons’, another electro-inclined track, which leans itself a bit more to the metalcore genre. It ends the EP off in a powerful and memorable manner, as this is yet another track that showcases the band’s musical flair and establishes them as promising talents on the local metal scene.

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