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Bougain Village: ‘Purity Ring’ and ‘City Sleeps’

Durban duo, Bougain Village, who have been slowly and methodically building their name with intermittent releases over the last year, recently dropped both a brand new single, shortly preceded with a cover of Purity Ring’s ‘Push Pull’. The latter, upon investigation being something of an ideal choice for the dream-pop outfit to cover given the fact that Purity Ring themselves fall into a strikingly similar ballpark with regards to both genre and band member constituents.

Bougain Village’s rendition of ‘Push Pull’ draws on rather more synth-based influences in contrast to the original’s modern electro bearing. Blatantly eighties-styled synthetic elements smooth the off-kilter edges of the original, while simultaneously holding true to the necessary percussive inflections needed to pull off the core of the track. Building on a much simpler symphonic range, Sean Ross constructs a three tiered musical range, consisting of merely vocals, synths and percussive effects, while an occasional acoustic baseline works its way in now and then. Loren de Vos captures the silky vocal range with just the right amount of individuality to maintain the bar they have set for themselves.

The duo’s latest single, ‘City Sleeps’, takes a small step away from the mist-like qualities of their preceding singles to solidify their sound somewhat. This trip hop offering is infused in a neatly cluttered collection of off-beat sounds, which gradually fill the irregular gaps between one another as they gain momentum. Silvery vocals are underlain by a consistently simplistic baseline and fibrillating synths, and slip in and out of focus. While a curious parallel runs between the structured, title-appropriate ambiance and the electric undercurrent which adds just the perfect touch of zest so as not to let the track fall into monotony.

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