Feature Interview

Brendan Peyper: The Voice Of An Old Soul

At the tender age of 19 Brendan Peyper, a farm boy from Bloemfontein, has managed, through hard work and an endearing sound quality, to draw large crowds wherever he performs. His addition to the Liefde by die Dam line-up was a no-brainer and we caught up with him before the event this week to chat about his upcoming set.

TX: ‘Stop, Wag, Bly Nog n Bietjie’ (the album and the single) has been getting such incredible support from radio and on social media – are you at all surprised by all the waves you’ve been making? Initially even my record company, Sony/Select, were surprised by the response. I believe that with the right planning and help from the right people, reachable goals should have a high possibility of being achieved. And that is what I think happened with my first album. Sony/Select and their team of professionals made it all possible and I can never thank them and my fans enough for this privilege. I am still on a high and hopefully we can get at least another two number 1’s off this album. Three songs off the album have already reached No1 on Jacaranda FM’s Afrikaans Top 20 for instance.

TX: Where do you draw your lyrical inspiration from? Everything that happens around me on a daily basis and the language of love inspires me a lot. It is such a universal thing to all living beings. If the love song I write makes sense to me and the experience leading up to that love song I wrote had impact on my life, chances are it will have impact on someone else’s as well. So, my words will necessarily also make sense to thousands of other people out there and when that happens, people will probably buy or listen to the song.

TX: Who are some of the artists (local and international) that you most identify with music-wise? Locally I love Elvis Blue (although our music differs) and abroad Chris Daughtry.

TX: What’s been your most memorable onstage moment / performance of your career? Krone 2015 at the Big Top Arena, Carnival City.

TX: Who are you most looking forward to seeing perform and why? SEAL in S.A. one of these days. Love his music.

TX: What can we expect from your set at Emmerentia Dam? The theme is “Liefde By Die Dam” so, as many love songs from my album as possible.