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Locnville Release ‘Cold Shoulder’ Video

Okay, it’s time we talk about Locnville’s new music. As far as catchy pop songs go, ‘Cold Shoulder’ is solid gold and as of today it’s got a vibrant African dance-themed video to boot.

Sketchy Bongo is probably the most in-demand producer at the moment. His tracks are pretty much everywhere (listen to a commercial station for 15 minutes for my statement to take full effect) and as the status of The Wolf Pack keeps climbing, make no mistake that Bongo is primarily responsible for that. With this in mind, his hand in ‘Cold Shoulder’ makes total sense, but its also some of his finest work.

Right, so back to the video for ‘Cold Shoulder’ that was released this morning. Directed by Fabian Vettiger, it features two dancers (Thami Njoko and Ashlynn Cloete) who twist and twirl their way through various settings around the Western Cape, while Cloete very clearly is giving Njoko the metaphorical cold shoulder.

Something feels very different about this video though. It’s a huge step forward from ‘Grapevine’ which, despite its slick nature didn’t do much to leave a lasting impression on me, and almost marks a new era entirely for the twins.

And their timing couldn’t be better.

Their third album “Taste The Weekend” is due for release next Friday the 17th of June and if the quality of songwriting and production matches ‘Cold Shoulder’, then they’ve got a hit on their hands. “This record is the perfect amalgamation of all the sounds that you’ve come to expect from us with of course a bit of experimentation,” the duo explained. “We focused on making a uniquely African feel with an international flavour, which we think really comes across. It’s been almost a year in the making between South Africa and the States, and we are very proud to put our name to this.”

When I sat down briefly with the guys last year they told me that they’d been inspired and influenced by Justin Bieber’s new body of work, alongside future dancehall, and particularly SA’s deep house scene and the younger DJs and producers who are working tirelessly to create their own sonic corners and names for themselves.

The fruit of their labour will be out for all to hear next week, until then watch the video for ‘Cold Shoulder’ below.

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