Johnny Clegg’s Releases ‘Take My Heart Away’ Video

South African music icon Johnny Clegg recently released the album “Johnny Clegg: 2016”, which consists of 17 of his legendary tracks that have been remixed and reimagined. Clegg’s latest single off that album is ‘Take My Heart Away’ which is accompanied by an inspiring music video, directed by LA-based filmmaker Jaron Clegg who is also Johnny’s son.

The video fits perfectly with the pacing of this remixed track, and tells the heart-warming story if a child in an informal settlement who dreams of becoming an astronaut – and who reaches far for that dream.

Jaron Clegg, who studied at The Vancouver Film School and currently works in LA as a filmmaker, had already created a script for a short movie he had developed, and during the process of remixing ‘Take My Heart Away’ Johnny was imagining  a theme reflect the overwhelming power of the human spirit and remembered Jaron’s script.

After much convincing Jaron shortened the script and transformed it into a magnificent piece of art, using special CGI effects that took months to create. The effects developed included creating the South African Space Centre that we see in the film, as well as simulating rocket fire and smoke for the launch scenes. “It was challenging to streamline the visual effects work while writing, producing and directing the production,” explains Jaron.

The video makes use of bright, natural colours and vibrant imagery to tell its story. It also incorporates some lens-flare a la J. J. Abrams’ “Star Trek” to add to its vivid visuals. The video bears a simple message: if you work hard and are willing to chase your dreams, anything is possible. Watch the video below.

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