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Matthew Mole: Run

To say the least, an incomprehensible amount of pressure has been placed on pop singer-songwriter Matthew Mole since the unprecedented wave of success of his debut album “The Home We Built”, where he became the first SA artist to hit Number 1 on iTunes.

Aware or not, Mole’s highly anticipated follow-up will certainly seek to accomplish similar, if not more enthusiastic praise than his inaugural LP. Contrasting to the former focus on self-experience and perspective, the backbone of Mole’s new single ‘Run’ relies on those of others.

On top of a pillar of albeit elementary but effective electronica beats and an unvarying chord progression throughout, ‘Run’ yields formidable, smooth and thrilling dynamics, all delicately woven and carefully fabricated. With the all-too-familiar but fan-relished modesty, Mole’s uninterrupted and slightly-staccato plucked guitar line, exquisite major third harmonies and satisfyingly playful and tasteful electronic bass and organ lines suggest a novel, experimental approach to his usual songwriting while simultaneously appealing to those loyal.

Directed and produced by Bouwer Bosch, the video for ‘Run’ touches on a rather jovial and light-hearted subject matter. Beginning in the bedroom of an apparent crazed Mole enthusiast, filled with all things Mole, including collected Mole memorabilia, Mole mugs, Mole pillows and everything else you can expect. The video follows Mole’s identity theft, impersonation and near-perfect replacement.

“When we’re faced with difficult situations, we try running away from them. If we face the situation from the start, things work out the way they were intended to,” states Mole, touching base on the single and forthcoming album’s focal point, also entitled “Run”, due July 22nd. With his last studio release roughly 3 years ago, Mole’s imminent follow-up will unquestionably be a decisive point for many fans old and new.

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