Runaway Nuns Release ‘Castaway’ Single

Island vibes instantaneously come to mind during the opening seconds of Capetonian psychedelic garage rock band Runaway Nuns’ latest single, ‘Cast Away’. The track is psychedelic indeed, as the vocals are somewhat distorted to create a mesmerising, dream-like effect, enhanced by the monotone quality of the vocals.

The single leans heavily towards the surf and stoner rock categories, with its slow pace and unconventional melody. But it does pick up in pace towards the one-minute mark, but to say that this change in stride makes it fast-paced would be a fallacy. Despite the addition of a slight vivacity – almost a playfulness – the track still remains mellow and easy-going. This change in pace is largely due to the bouncy bass-line of the track becoming more prominent.

Lyrically, the track is clever, but without being boastful – this becomes most evident when the song’s opening lines make you realise that its title is a shrewd pun. If you can imagine the Beach Boys jamming with MGMT, you’ve got a good idea of what this track is all about.

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Listen to ‘Castaway’ on below on Bandcamp.