Albert Frost Releases ‘Modern Romance’ Video

In April this year, musical maestro Albert Frost departed from his blues roots on his album “The Wake Up”, opting for varying melodic experimentations and new lyrical avenues. Frost’s latest video release for the single ‘Modern Romance’ demonstrates the artist’s musical journey.

The video takes a sci-fi spin on people’s attachment to social media and the altered life it can create for some people – perfect on the surface, but with deep-seated issues hidden below. However, the video expands upon this idea further by noting how people use their surface, online lives to drown out the harsh, grey reality they truly inhabit.

Truth collides with false realities in this video, a fact that was tragically highlighted in real life when Frost and crew narrowly missed a fatal gang-related shooting mere minutes before they started setting up at their location in Wesbank in Kuils River.

The song itself is a forceful alternative rock track that packs a punch both lyrically and melodically, offering Frost’s trademark guitar riffs with a splash of extra roughness in the vein of The Black Keys.

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