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Folklore: Bring On The World

What is a musical outfit without genre-blending these days? Folklore is a brand new vocal-electronic duo comprising of Marie-Claire (Marí) de Villiers (vox and production) and Dean Roberts (drums). Written, produced and sung entirely by Marí herself, their debut offering is a fleeting two track EP, “Bring On The World” whose sound ranges deftly from constantly evolving synths to orchestral electronica, stitched together with opera-like vocals.

Powerful synths and baseline beats open ‘Walls’ with a bang. The deep, striking sound is offset somewhat by tambourine-percussion and silvery, high-tone synths. The idea behind the duo’s name becomes apparent the moment Marí’s vocals come into play. Her melodies are steeped in vaguely folky, Celtic influences and laced in narrative lyrics.

In contrast, ‘Beautiful Chaos’ veers in a modernised direction with a techno-house foundation. New age vocals almost seem out of place among the warped and billowing electronic sound. Differing from the opening track, this is stripped down and simplistic. Pitching synths and echoing drops create a hollowed and chiming sound, offset by a dulled consistent baseline. This is a striking debut, encapsulated in versatility and carefully orchestrated genre jumps.

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Listen to “Bring On The World” below.