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Caelo: All You Need

‘All You Need’ marks Caelo’s debut in Cape Town’s alternative rock scene as the three-piece’s first official studio release. The track features as a strong contender in the realm of grungy pop, whilst also demonstrating what to expect from the group’s upcoming EP “Valkenberg” set for release later this month.

Caelo stands as an undeniably talented outfit attuned to a certain range of dynamic manipulation that has crafted their particular brand of sound in an anthem-inspired manner. Gritty textures predominately characterise both guitar and bass lines throughout the single’s duration, transitioning in between nuances of tone and drive to deliver a melody that’s simultaneously easy on the ear and unrefined.

It’s a powerhouse combination surrounding the tug of an instrumental riff-driven drop that presents Caelo’s sonic design with an inevitable plunging hallmark. It induces an additional grittier edge that any avid headbanger will enjoy, positioning ‘All You Need’ in a bracket slightly heavier than its verses alone initially signify. This accomplished motion serves as a surprising feat given the outfit’s bassist Mat Winfield had to exchange his guitar for a bass in order to fulfil the final role of augmenting momentum.

Caelo has cited contemporary rock acts such as Biffy Clyro and Muse as some of the sources from which their technical inspiration is drawn, yet not entirely emulated. The trio therefore allows their own variation of pop-dusted grunge to take root and inform their unfolding expansion, structuring a welcome name for themselves in local rock territory as an act with more force than what the sense of a first impression may peg.

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Listen to “All You Need” below.