Coldfield Release ‘Feel Alive’ Video

Johannesburg-based five-piece band Coldfield have released a new video for their single ‘Feel Alive’, taken from the band’s upcoming EP, “The Silent”. The video is the product of a combination between Little Shack Studios and A Breed Apart Pictures.

Shot mostly in crisp black and white, the video showcases what you can expect to see at the band’s live shows, giving viewers a peek at their strong performance skills. Vocalist Sharne V.Z.’s voice is reminiscent of the sinister, rich vocal tones of Amy Lee, while the rest of the band provide a technically sound melody as the backdrop to the song’s dark vocals.

Having worked with producers and mastering engineers such as J.P. De Stefani and Chris Bethea, the band is well on their way to establishing themselves as a solid name on the local alternative rock landscape. It is clear from the video for ‘Feel Alive’ that the band possesses a strong stage presence and a confidence in the quality of their music. Watch the video below

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