Crimson House Release ‘Howling At Your Door’

 Crimson House are known for their strident mix of blues and folk elements, and the band’s latest musical offering, ‘Howling at Your Door’, throws in a more fast-paced jazz element as well. The track features Berlin-based dark-folk songstress Ann Jangle, and her honeyed vocals soften the growling vocal performance of frontman Riaan Smit.

The track itself is charismatic in both its lyrics and melody, and has all the makings of a catchy ear-worm. The video is minimalistic and does not try to outshine the compelling track. Using simple performance shots and dreamy lighting, the video manages to keep the focus on the song as flowing, masterful whole.

The song was produced by the celebrated UK producer Graham Ward, who has worked with such musical legends as Paul McCartney, Jimmy Page and Mark Knopfler. The video, which bathes the participating musicians in halos of soothing light, was shot and directed by Martin Geldenhuys in Cape Town. Watch the video below.

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