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The Feral Kid: Evisceration Blues

Yet another newbie on the scene, with a single hot off the press, is The Feral Kid. The electro trip hop duo comprises of Max Milne and Lenoy Barkai who are based in Cape Town and London respectively – making their joint musical venture a rather impressive feat given the distance. Self described as wild, sad, lost and pretty good at maths, their latest offering, ‘Evisceration Blues’, recorded at Popsicle Studios, seems to sum up all of that and more in its sweeping five minutes.

A muffled baseline beat gradually surfaces and is efficiently joined by a three chord electric guitar progression. Within seconds Barkai’s silky vocals are wound into the mix. Wafting between lilting falsettos and slightly warped altos, the somewhat unpredictable vocal melody, quiet and folky, stitches the unusual track together with firm intent. The song, although simplistic, is filled in neatly right to the very edges.

There is a darker element which creeps into play the moment the first chorus drops and Barkai croons eerily, “Fools to have our fun / flew into the sun / sailed toward the siren’s song.” A rock-driven, muffled guitar riff swaggers into play halfway through, just in time to deliver a powerful, treble-centric bridge. True to their name, their sound possesses something of a wild, feral edge, keeping the listener on their toes right until the track weaves to a close.

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Listen to “Evisceration Blues” below.