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Introducing Yellow House

Personally, Emile van Dango’s impending solo project has been one of impeccably substantial anticipation for me. Ever since hearing his personal touch as The Plastics’ new guitarist on the ever-flowing and spherical “In Threes” and serendipitously discovering his own collection of (apparently) rough demos online, I couldn’t rid myself of a yearning for something more tangible and existent. After years of teasing material online cue Yellow House, the appropriate moniker for the Cape Town-based songsmith and multi-instrumentalist.

“With Yellow House I wanted to continue writing from a personal place, while at the same time keeping the music groovy. I felt that dream pop had the ambient and melodic qualities I was after, but lacked the soul and drive I found in R&B and jazz. That’s when I decided to carve out a space where I could mix and match as I pleased until I found that sound that captured everything I was after.”

A single, artistic space dedicated to effectively externalise van Dango’s internal mechanisms of vision and sound, set in motion by an emotive, eerie and groovy leading single. ‘Better Views’ encompasses a multitude of facets within just 4 minutes, allowing for an ideal preview to his debut EP “A Carnival of Fears” dropping October 21st. Placid waves of electric piano accompanied by van Dango’s slow-paced, reverb-soaked, Beatles-esque vocal tone effortlessly sooth the listener into an almost halcyon state. At the point where the track could progress in any direction, a tasteful, groovy bass line along with a moderato, simplistic electric drum pattern drives ‘Better Views’ through ripples of clean, legato, jazz-esque guitar lines and a flanger-drenched chord progression.

Propagating the desire to escape from any kind of anxiety-inducing malaise, ‘Better Views’ highlights humanity’s efforts to break free from the possibly repetitive labyrinth of city life in search of a breath of air more fulfilling and intrinsic.  With Yellow House’s debut single’s earnest conviction, we can look forward to experiencing an abundance of better views in the near future.

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Listen to ‘Better Views’ below.