Opinion Review

Oracles: Sleeping Patterns

There is far too much talent hidden beneath the woodwork which makes up the local music scene. The latest new kid on the Cape Town block is DJ and producer Benjamin McCarthy, better known hailing beneath his stage moniker, Oracles. Although admittedly with a fair amount of material under his belt already, we’ve heard little from him except for the occasional gig at Fiction, Cape Town’s home of all things techno, electro and all-round dance.

His newest track, ‘Sleeping Patterns’ is a multifaceted, careful-not-careful integration of overlapping sounds – which works too damn well. Hollow, high tone percussive synths work their way to the surface of the track, as a gradual, simplistic rhythm sets the tone – and then, with a sort of indulgent burst of energy, launches into a heady, warping, techno-esque beat. It’s a slow grooving melody, slipping effortlessly from one electronic aspect to another. With deft wind-ups and simmer-downs the track hops with precision across stepping stones of sound. Whining synths, pattering percussive moments and a foundational beat weave in and out of focus intermittently, resulting in a strikingly adept offering from Oracles, which is well worth a prime spot on your playlist.

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