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Raz-L and Sean Williams: Please Don’t Let Me Go

Originally solely the drummer for Durban-based group The LA Els, time has severely trialed Raul Diaz’s development. Perhaps it was a healthy dose of ambition, or even a feverish thirst for something new and unfamiliar, but nowadays, you can see Diaz under more titles than one. Multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, producer and DJ, the artist has discovered a remarkable amount of facets. Having been involved in a number of outfits including Mickey Burns, newcomers Sail and a variety of cover bands, Diaz is lately allocating more attention to his solo moniker, Raz-L.

A high-pitched, indie-kwela melody opens Diaz’s latest ‘Please Don’t Let me Go’, a collaboration with instrumentalist Sean Williams Amid an atmospheric essence, the stark contrast between the deviated, electronically-focused, free-from-tension verses and the spirited wall of sound that encompasses the choruses evokes an interesting feeling. The unpredictable, varying dynamics evoke a sense of excitement and bewilder.

Although the fluctuating timbres effortless keep the listener engaged, the track’s typical and foreseeable pop structure might discourage some for further listening. In a world of obscene repetition and effortless forecasts, it’s more than obvious to conclude that people want something different and unprecedented. A great perhaps that’s easily distinguishable. It’s a pity that tracks like ‘Please Don’t Let Me Go’ may easily get lost in such a saturated industry. Sometimes, it’s almost a necessity to deviate to survive, and that doesn’t necessarily entail authenticity.

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Listen to ‘Please Don’t Let Me Go’ below.