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In Review: Stone Jets at Music Experience

At the end of last week, Mother City-based pop-rock trio Stone Jets enthralled an intimate albeit exceptionally attentive audience at Cape Town’s Music Experience. The favoured musical specialist outlet’s picturesque backdrop of an impressively assorted array of guitars, a practically perfect live mix (something which couldn’t be more satisfying for an aid live-music attendee) and the illuminated, radiant lighting scheme allowed for an impeccably charismatic and jovial performance from Given Nkanyane (vox and bass), Manfred Klose (guitar) and their latest addition Godwin Trimm (drums).

The majority of their 7-track EP “What I Say” was covered, including favourites ‘Something Good’, ‘Hurricane’ and the album’s title track. Although perhaps less familiar, I found ‘Telegraph’, a nostalgic and emotive piece seeking to expose a more vulnerable, earnest facet of theirs, inescapable for hours post-show. Regardless of the track’s disposition, the gathered crowd of close friends, family and fans reacted with the utmost heartfelt, appreciative cheer.

A notable focal point for the evening Nkanyane’s soulful, powerful and seemingly effortless vocal performance, not to mention the frontman’s charismatic, amicable nature. His chucklesome remarks regarding his self-acclaimed diva-esque persona and light-hearted sarcasm (“Guys, please, if you’d like to get up a dance… please don’t, people are taking videos) between songs came close to becoming a favourite aspect of the evening (let’s not mention the complimentary Jack Black beer), if it wasn’t for the band’s seemingly thoroughly-rehearsed, buoyant and humble performance.

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