Shortstraw Release ‘T-Shirt’ Video

Shortstraw’s latest track ‘T-Shirt’ is the most pop-rooted we’ve heard from the group in a while and plays with the idea of falling in and out of love.

The artwork for ‘T-Shirt’ was created by Joburg-based illustrator and designer, Dan Apter (half of Double Adapter) and the music video was shot by Cape Town-based filmmaker, Hylton Jandrell. Jandrell has a keen eye for slick visual style, and a good understanding of special effects that could be done in a subtle and effective way, evident in the polished construction of ‘T-Shirt’.

The basic plot of ‘T-Shirt’ revolves around the band being invited to watch a play and then realising that they are the only ones there. A bizarre production involving cavemen and aliens then ensues starring Schalk Bezuidenhout, Jamie-Lee Money and Conor McCarthy in a mad love triangle. Watch the video below.