Wendy Oldfield Releases ‘A Reminder To The World’

Award-winning singer Wendy Oldfield has banded together with a group of talented young vocalists she has dubbed The Wild Bunch to release a soothing, uplifting track titled ‘Reminder to the World’. Both the track and video exhibit Oldfield’s free-spirited artistic flair, wrapped neatly within an empowering message about caring for the earth, yourself and those around you.

Considering that Oldfield’s Wild Bunch consists mostly of teenagers, this message is one befitting of its young audience, as this is the stage of life at which individuals need to be reassured that they are significant and that they have the potential to bring about change in the world – a vital notion for South African youths to take note of, especially.

“The song seemed to write itself, and it felt like it did not belong to me, it was not meant for my voice – the message was coming through me, but it was meant to be carried to you through the voices of young people, of teenagers. I felt it would be heard differently if the words came from ‘the mouths of babes’,” says Oldfield about the track. Watch the video below.

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