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Lance Herman: Ride The Waves

A lot has changed for traditionally folk-esque singer-songwriter Lance Herman in recent years. Based in the Mother City, the songsmith has accumulated more than a few accolades during his time under the moniker Eliezer, including Gordon Institute for Performing & Creative Arts’ Artist Fellowship award, two albums as well as achieving runner-up status in South Africa’s first season of The X Factor in 2014. With time at the renowned Red Bull Studios, CPT under his belt and an impending performance at Rocking The Daisies this weekend, Herman’s persistent and tenacious strife hasn’t seemed to dissipate one bit.

Incorporating a predominant I-IV chord progression popular to an abundance of indie-pop outfits, Herman’s latest track ‘Ride The Waves’ encompasses a particularly spherical, ethereal and somewhat familiar seaside ambience. Accompanied by driving Beach Boys-esque surf-pop guitar lines, the simple, repetitive albeit effective drum patterns and Herman’s soothing, idyllic vocal tone effortlessly grasps the listener, inducing a temporary, unperturbed state of nostalgia and glee.

‘Ride The Waves’ illustrates just how unpredictably schematic one’s path can be. Sometimes, the absence of control will allow more. With the motive of capturing a fuller sound, the aid of heterogeneous musicians effortlessly captured varied additional energies, allowing Herman a greater amount of texture and dynamic to experiment with. Externalising and developing ideas as a songwriter can often be an isolated process, sometimes to one’s detriment, but in 2015, Herman seized the opportune to perform in a new, unprecedented mindset from earnest, minimal folk to experimental and spherical indie-pop.

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Listen to ‘Ride The Waves’ here.