Majozi feat. Tresor: The Woods (Evida Remix)

Inspired by Click, BBC’s flagship technology programme focusing on discussing the latest global technological advances, Cape Town-based songsmiths Majozi and Tresor joined forces with the increasingly-popular Prisma for something unprecedented. Along with a team at Universal Music, the photo-editing software took the originally-animated music video for their notably chat-topping single ‘The Woods (Evida Remix)’ and added eccentric, ornamental and illusive layering by using a combination of neural networks and artificial intelligence. Rendered at 1080p, this project marks the first Prisma-influenced animation music video for the world.

The additional filters serve as an effortlessly effective accompaniment to an endearing and charming song and video. Simplistic guitar and piano lines open the track, soon escorted by Tresor’s emotive timbre and a dense kick followed by additional percussion layering. The catchy, jovial choruses integrate both artists’ contrasting but impeccably amicable vocal tones before incorporating pop-orientated folk’s most favoured components, a progression-led banjo line and an appropriate xylophone-esque melody.

The video’s storyline encompasses one particular, quintessential facet that effortlessly stands out: the unexpected benefits of facing your fears. Foretold in an innocent and truly adorable approach, the plot follows two squirrels on an adventure enduring challenges of trust, courage, faith and ultimately tenacity in the darkest of times. The pair eventually find light at the end of a turbulent tunnel, before closing with Majozi’s inherently sanguine remark: “Hold on tight to me as we watch the world fall at your feet.”

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Watch the animated music video for ‘The Woods’ below.