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The Cine 400: One Afternoon

Gently but stirringly emerging from the curiously densely muso-populated southern suburbs of the mother city, The Cine 400 has released their debut single prior to year’s end. Mixed by The Plastic’s Sasha Righini – an increasingly popular producer choice – at Cape Town’s Popsicle Studios, ‘One Afternoon’ encompasses a compelling dynamic of palpitating rhythm accompanied by an ethereal, nonchalant vocal temperament.

Whilst simultaneously showcasing a quintessential influence from the chosen psychedelic, indie-pop producer, ‘One Afternoon’ incorporates an impressive, unassertive array of textures. A simplistic, effective electric drum line sets the track in motion, soon accompanied by a pulsating 80s-esque bass and synth line, synonymous in rhythm.

Whilst an unperturbed vocal line follows suit, the track subtly endures a more spherical disposition. Dreamy synths accompany quirky, yet curiously edgy guitar licks, striking a resemblance to that of Swim Deep and The 1975. Due to its somewhat hypnotic arrangement, ‘One Afternoon’ soon culminates almost unnoticeably with a hopeful brass line, before closing within a beautifully appropriate fade.

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Listen to ‘One Afternoon’ below.