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EJ von LYRIK & Benbo: Keep It Funky (Oh No Ah-Ah)

Currently based in the Netherlands working with an impressive array of prestigious acts, EJ von LYRIK aka Eloise Jones’s admirable persistence and passion for her career has led the songsmith to an endearing, unprecedented path. Previously in the reputable Capetonian hip hop outfit Godessa, von LYRIK has found herself collaborating with an abundance of local and international songsmiths, including the likes of Sam Jones, Jack Parow and Josie Field.

Having been inducted into the SA Hip Hop Hall of Fame in 2016 and being hailed as being within the “top 5 of all time female emcees ever” by Public Enemy’s frontman, von LYRIK’s momentum has ceased to slow down in the slightest. 3 years in the making with London-based producer Tris Taylor, formally known as Benbo, saw the duo’s long-winded collaboration yield ‘Keep It Funky (Oh No Ah-Ah)’, an 80s-esque, funky, palpitation of timbres infectiously bright and smooth.

‘Keep It Funky (Oh No Ah-Ah)’ encompasses pulsating, funky bass lines, a bright piano accompaniment amongst an appropriately nasal vocal tone. Think of a more Motown Destiny’s Child with a splash of Nicki Manaj. Coloured by a multitude of choral harmony, the track’s nu-disco chorus layering provokes an infectiously jubilant and unperturbed energy.

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