Dan Patlansky: Sonnova Faith

Dan Patlansky’s latest video is for ‘Sonnova Faith’ from his critically acclaimed latest album “Introvertigo”. The video takes a simple concept and allows nothing to stand in the way of the music itself and in doing so stays true to Patlansky’s style.

Patlansky and his band perform in a nondescript building, cast in silhouette. The technique evokes both drama and the idea of a halo forming around them in reference to the message behind ‘Sonnova Faith’. Patlansky is the only person in the band whose anonymity is broken. His demeanor here is the same as when he’s performing live, seldom opening his eyes as he effortlessly churns out massive blues rock riffs.

According to his album leaflet ‘Sonnova Faith’ addresses hypocrisy and profiteering in religious organizations, not a criticism of religion itself but the video doesn’t pursue the subject too directly. This is for Patlansky’s audience to see him doing what he does best. Seeing as how he is one of the world’s greatest living, breathing blues guitar players there’s no need for any kind of bells and whistles that would only distract from his mind-bending musicianship. Watch the video below.

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