Steven McKellar Releases ‘Somewhere In The Haze’ Video

Ahead of his five-date South African tour* Steven McKellar, lead singer of the lauded Civil Twilight, has released a live performance video in collaboration with Naked Sessions.

Now a Nashville native, McKellar’s newest musical project is called Dayvid, incidentally also his middle name, and he recently released a self-titled EP of songs that he made in his parents garage in Cape Town. These songs are sparse and atmospheric, that linger in the subjects of faith and belonging, identity and freedom.

“We were honored to have Steven McKellar, from Civil Twilight, appear in the first round of The Naked Sessions. His brilliant songwriting and captivating performance epitomizes what The Naked Sessions is all about,” said Dianna Maher, Creator of The Naked Sessions and President of Moraine Music Group in Nashville, Tennessee.

McKellar is in the process of writing more material for his Dayvid project and if the tenderness and introspection of ‘Somewhere In The Haze’ is anything to go by we’re in for a real treat. Check out the video and the lyrics below.

*An additional show has been added at Cafe Roux Noordhoek on the 22nd of April.

I see night break with the coming of the distant sun
Afraid of what I might find if I sail past the southern point
I always wanted you to say what you mean
The more I search for you, the less that I see

It’s somewhere in this haze
I’ll know my voice, I’ll know my face
I’ll know my face

Wish me luck, cause I’m gonna need it
Cause the oars keep turning, turning back from where I came
I always see you coming but you never do

And somewhere in this haze
I’ll know the truth, I’ll know your face

Meet me in the sound
Meet me where I’m found
Meet me on the waves
Somewhere in the haze
Somewhere in, somewhere in this haze
Somewhere in, somewhere in this haze