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The Medicine Dolls: Sick Like Paradise

The Medicine Dolls return to the scene on a wave of reverb and morbidity with their EP “Sick Like Paradise”. This EP picks up where the last one left off, providing three tempos that offers varied mix of tempo and indie garage attitude.

Opener ‘L’ introduces an anarchic blast of reverberant chords and funky bass line. They’ve opted for a DIY approach that renders the mix treble-heavy and soaked in ambient effects. Greg Allan’s vocal approach is almost grotesque at times, equal parts melodramatic accent and hangover, as if on the point of choking on his own disillusionment. Stylistically it’s an effective device that quells any possible sweetness in favour of the darker garage edge that they clearly desire.

‘Excuse Me Misbehaviour’ mentions by name the idea of a broken fairytale, a common thematic thread in most of the band’s music. The combination of slow verse and vigorous chorus make it catchy at for its full four minutes as they catalogue their troubled experiences revolving round “A chemical cocktail shared with a pretty female”.

The EP closes with the suitably somber ballad ‘Song for Lovers’. They mix hopeful subject matter with mournful music to produce the kind of heartbreak that the Medicine Dolls thrive on. With this as a closer the album’s arch is indicative of a downward spiral with regrets, lost causes and burnt bridges around every turn.

The Medicine Dolls have carved their own emo garage niche and with their latest effort continue to do so. “Sick Like Paradise” revels in its own glorified masochism and is sure to please their deeply committed fan base.

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Listen to ‘Sick Like Paradise’ below.